1. Wichita Wagonmasters00:09.09
2. Credit Union of America00:09.53
3. TeamSpirit EBRGs00:10.15
4. Commerce Bank00:10.47
5. Fidelity Flyers00:10.68
6. Black & Gold PAC Techies00:10.84
7. Textron eAviation00:10.97
8. Keycentrix Copilots00:11.12
9. Plane Crazy (Yingling Aviation)00:11.69
10. Textron Aviation Operations00:11.72
11. Kenworth – The World’s Best00:11.97
12. Team Airtime (Summit Media)00:12.24
13. GLMV Architecture00:12.28
14. To the Stars (Star Lumber)00:12.87
15. Textron Aftermarket Operations00:13.03
16. Dondlinger Construction00:13.94
17. Spirit AeroSystems00:14.53
18. IMA Financial Group + Conco Construction00:15.37
19. Doc’s Home Designer & Builder (Hutton + SJCF)00:16.35
20. Keeper of the Plains (Lee Media Group)00:18.16
21. Berry Companies00:19.85
22. NIAR: Nothing but Intense Athletic Researchers00:24.94
23. WSU Tech Foundation00:32.13
Skyward Credit Union

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