Event Results


Team NameTime
Kenworth – The World’s Best7.78
Force for Good (United Way)7.86
Wichita Wagonmasters7.9
Team NameTime
Kenworth – The World’s Best7.9
Force for Good (United Way)7.91
Wichita Wagonmasters8.11
Textron Aviation8.33
Textron eAviation8.52
Order of the Blue (Wichita Police)8.55
Keeper of the Planes (Lee Media Group)8.55
Great Plains Ventures8.7
Spirit EBRGs + Meritrust Credit Union8.72
Spirit AeroSystems8.82
Credit Union of America8.93
WSU Tech Foundation8.95
Team INTRUST8.98
National Institute for Aviation Research9.18
Shock and Yaw (Pilot Students)9.26
To the Stars (Star Lumber)9.33
Fidelity Flyers9.56
Black & Gold PAC Techies9.79
RCB Bank9.95
Commerce Bank10.07
Plane Crazy (Yingling Aviation)10.81

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